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Source : 24/06/1987 Northampton Post

Dear Sir,

The Post has recently published disturbing evidence of the Jesus People's aggressive techniques, common to other religious cults.

A young woman wrote of her horror at being followed by two Jesus Fellowship men when walking home, alone at night, in the Racecourse area (June 5)

This week (Post, June 12) the Archdeacon spoke of his concern about two young Kettering girls who were transported to the Bugbrooke New Creation Farm.

There have been other complaints about Jesus Army buses collecting susceptible youngsters from streets and youth clubs, and a growing number are running away in fear and distress to seek advice or shelter elsewhere.

People under 18 may not join the community, but there is evidence that some under that age are being subjected to the Jesus People's brand of indoctrination.

Proclaiming the Gospel and offering help to the ''lame ducks' of society are laudable aims, but NOT if there is the ulterior motive of gaining more members for this exclusive sect.

Anyone approached by the Jesus Army would be well advised to seek instant guidance from parents or informed church leaders.

Do not visit them on your own, and do not go back alone to collect your possessions if you stay and then decide to leave.