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Source : 08/08/1985 Northampton Post

Choose between your religion and your career.

That's the choice Tory MP Michael Morris has thrown out to members of the controversial Jesus People cult, based at Bugbrooke, who hold posts as teachers, doctors, and social workers in the county.

Mr Morris, MP for Northampton South which includes Bugbrooke in his constituency, has been taking a close look at the Jesus Fellowship.

After looking into complaints from constituents that Jesus People hold influential positions in the county he is to write to the education authority, and family practitioner committee, pointing out the clash of interests.

'I am not conducting a campaign against the Jesus People, I feel that people in a position to manipulate and influence others should not hold senior positions in a religious cult,' he added

'I strongly object to people following a particular cult or philosophy holding an influential position in society where there is a danger they can influence people into their faith' he added.

A spokesman for the Northampton Education Authority said Mr Morris' help was welcomed in identifying problems between the cult and local teaching staff but the Family Practitioner Committee refused to comment on involvement between their GPs and the fellowship.

The elders of the Jesus Fellowship Church say they have spoken with Mr Morris and claim he is well satisfied with the basic integrity of the church.