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Source : 09/10/1986 Northampton Post

A verdict of accidental death has been recorded on cult member Mohammad Majid who drowned in a well on land owned by the Jesus People Fellowship at Bugbrooke.

But summing up after a lengthy inquest at Northampton's General Hospital last week coroner Michael Colcutt said: 'This is not the first time I have held an inquest on members of this religion cult where circumstances have been bizarre to say the least'

'I do find difficulty in accepting with confidence evidence from members of the cult.'

The court heard how Majid, 24, had been warned not to try to swim in the well where his body was discovered on June 13 this year.

Evidence from St Crispins psychiatric specialist showed Majid had a history of mental disorders, and Inspector John Towell of Northampton Police said they were satisfied no one else was involved with the death.

Insp, Towell told the inquest that the narrow opening of the well would have made it almost impossible for Majid to get out. 'it may have been possible for him to get his head out and shout, but I doubt whether anyone would have heard,' he added