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Source : 22/10/1986 Northampton Post

Dear Sir

Your correspondence from supporters of the Bugbrooke Fellowship invariably reflects a lack of understanding of the real issues of concern.

The letter from 'Open-minded' of Flore (Oct 9) mirrored the P.R. presentation of the Fellowship leaders.

In answer to some of his points, many of the public in this area are becoming increasingly aware of the potential danger posed by prison parolees, drink and drug addicts and other unstable individuals who run away because they cannot take the Jesus People's rigid regime of indoctrination.

Several members who died in what the coroner recently described as 'bizarre circumstances' did not, however, fall into any of those categories.

Comparatively few members would be unemployed or homeless in the outside world.

There is no criticism of individual members, their sincerely held beliefs of their community lifestyle.

In his Parish Magazine, the Rev. Graham Johnson, Rector of Daventry says 'The Jesus People really believe that they are doing good, but this is the subtle danger of their sect. I worry because I see good and well intentioned people being led astray by good and well intentioned people'