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Source : 17/10/1985 Northampton Post

The controversial Jesus People of Bugbrooke have threatened legal action against a former member distributing a leaflet slamming their activities.

A former sect member was featured in the Post two weeks ago telling his story of life within the religious community and explaining why he has published the damming document.

This week he sent a letter to the sect's solicitor who has demanded he refute his allegations and collect all of the 2,000 leaflets already distributed throughout the country.

The man spent 3 years with the Jesus Fellowship but he left 12 months ago after he claimed the group banned him from seeing his girl friend.

'I have had a good response to the leaflets and many people have written to me to find out more details about the Jesus People and their activities,' he said from his mother's Bristol home.

'Their letter gave seven days to stop production and distribution of the leaflet, get all copies back that have been sent out, stop making false statements and give an assurance that I won't give false statements in the future about Bugbrooke,' he explained.

He claims he has told the group that he still stands by his public comments against the group.

'They are silly if they think I am now going to tell the world I am a liar which is what I would be doing if I refuted my comments in the leaflet. I am prepared to substantiate my allegations in a court,' he said.

Meanwhile the Jesus People seem undeterred by recent publicity and their campaign 'England for Jesus' rolled into Northampton yesterday for daily meetings at Midsummer Meadow in the marquee.

Their visit to Coventry recently ended when two petrol bombs were thrown at the marquee.