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Source : 25/09/1986 Northampton Post

I am not a Jesus person (post Sept 18), but I have had two young male tenants who were attenders, but not members of the Jesus People.

Both received much help from Bugbrooke. Both eventually lost interest, one to get married; the other, who had always been unstable and under medical supervision, walked out of hospital in a drugged condition and committed suicide. In his last twelve months of life he had no contact with the Jesus People.

The Jesus People attempt to help such weak characters; if they fail, should we condemn them for trying?

I wonder, is Michael Morris a C of E man? He who is leading a campaign supported by such staunch churchmen as Father George Burgon and the Archdeacon, to drive a flourishing Christian sect out of public favour and borough facilities. Surely the authorities are wiser in this respect. Surely the days of religious persecution in England are over, dead and buried.