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Source : 13/03/1982 Northampton Post

Congratulations to the Northampton pastor who, with the aid of tapes, is providing a much-needed counselling service to help both former and prospective members of the Bugbrooke Jesus Fellowship.

Congratulations to the Northants Post for publicising his work. Hopefully, neither will be intimidated by threats of libel writs, and hopefully too, the many local people with knowledge of, and concern about various aspects of the Bugbrooke Fellowship, will have the courage to come forward and support the pastor.

As the Archdeacon of Northampton rightly says 'The time to get to the root of what is happening there is now'.

Their Press Officer, who is a Dept Head at a Comprehensive School, and is one of many local teachers who belong to this commune, claims that they are 'respected by several nationally known Christian leaders'. Perhaps he would care to name them.

For some years, I tried to help the casualties of the Moonies and the many other so called 'New Religions'.

In the course of my work, I have been in contact with a number of Christian leaders, including Baptists, and I have yet to come across a single one who, with knowledge of the nature of the Bugbrooke Fellowship, has not expressed extreme concern about their expanding activities, both in this county and nationwide.