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Source : 15/04/1985 Northampton Post

The Jesus Fellowship is, unlike bodies such as the Moonies, not a cult but, judging by their statement of belief and by their practice, a part of the Body of Christ, the Church.

Due to their intensive love for Christ they have chosen, as did the first Christians, and as monks and nuns through the ages have chosen, to live in community with others who feel the same love.

But this does not make the a cult; nor should it excite any comment beyond that of admiration. They may make occasional errors of judgement but let those who are without fault cast the first stone.

I would strongly advise anyone who feels dubious about the Fellowship to get to know them over a period of many months by visiting their community houses where they will always find a refreshingly Christian welcome.

I can refer you to people who work alongside doctors from the Fellowship and who can vouch for the fact that in no way does their allegiance vitiate their service to the neighbourhood.

Would we object to atheists being doctors on the grounds that they might influence others?

Can these good people be given a break? MP's and fellow Christians (including clergy) in particular please note.

John W. Latham
Vicar of Flore, Dodford and Brockhall