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Source : 20/03/1982 Northampton Post

A father who believes his son has been 'brainwashed' by the Jesus Fellowship religious commune at Bugbrooke has sounded a rallying cry to other worried parents whose children have joined the sect.

He plans to launch a parents' association. Its aims, he says, would be to get the children re-united with their families. It would also provide a support system for youngsters who want to leave the commune but don't know where to run.

He also feels parents could gain comfort by discussing their problems with mothers and fathers in similar positions.

The father, who lives in Weedon doesn't want to be named for fear of reprisals on is son, who claims he lost to the commune eight years ago.

'It is essential that parents get together and discuss ways in which we can talk children like my son into seeing sense,' he said.

'I would also like to talk to parents whose children are just getting interested in the commune, so they can be warned.'

The father is being backed by the Deo Gloria Trust - an organisation that gives advice to families with relatives in religious sects and which has also investigated the Moonies.

He asks anyone wishing to join a parents association to write to the Trust.

The man claims his son - now aged 26 - once had a bright future in architecture but lost interest in his studies after joining the commune.

The father had hoped the Fellowship would lose its hold on his son while he was at Oxford, but they even arranged for him to live in at one of the community houses there.

'After he joined them we lost control of him and also completely out of touch.'

'After a plea from his mother and I, he did come and visit us - but with another member. He wasn't allowed to see us on his own.'

'Now he looks on Bugbrooke as his family.'

'When I see how my son has changed it makes me so angry. All I can assume is that he's been brainwashed in some way.'