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Source : 25/11/1987 Northampton Post

May I offer a few words in favour of the Jesus People.

My wife died last February, and I went to pray in Northampton Hospital Chapel. A good Samaritan approached me, he was a member of the Jesus People Fellowship and a practising doctor. He prayed for me there and then.

Other Jesus People entered the chapel and a weekly meeting was being held.

They gave their individual Christian kindness to me. Their faces alive with concerned feeling, as they suggested how I could cope with my grief, and how I should help my young daughter.

Without their help I feel I would not be as well as I am now. They asked for nothing in return. No pressure to join their Fellowship.

They even invited my daughter and my Mother-in-law and myself for a meal. They are that kind of people, sharing all they have - all they earn.

But, I will certainly always have a good word to say for the Jesus People Fellowship.