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Jesus Couple Make Their Vows…

Source : 02/09/1987 Northampton Post

A married life devoted to Jesus began with great ceremony for a Northampton couple on Saturday when their wedding was held to coincide with the Jesus People's 1987 campaign.

Dressed in the cult organisation's combat uniform they were married in the Bugbrooke Chapel which is the group's main centre of worship.

Holding crosses aloft and adhering to the austere principles of the Jesus People they made their vows before well-wishers and members of the church.

Then, having decided against the traditional honeymoon, they plunged back into helping with the campaign which runs until September 6 and centres on the Golden Marquee, Cornhill Manor, Pattishall.

The couple, who live in East Park Parade, used to belong to the Peace Convoy.

Events at the gathering include daily prayer and religious advice, free lunch and an exhibition about the Jesus Army.

Liz Donovan, spokesman for the church, said they were very pleased with the way the march and the weekend went.

'We had many people interested in the army,' she said, 'and our meetings were packed with people.'