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Source : 28/04/1983 Northampton Post

The Post has, and always will, investigate matters it believes to be of public concern.

This is one of the many duties any self-respecting newspaper has a responsibility to undertake on behalf of its readers.

And few subjects locally have raised so much concern as the activities of the Jesus Fellowship religious commune at Bugbrooke.

This sect seeks out young people it believes are in need of 'spiritual guidance.' Without regard for the misery it leaves behind.

Family lives are wrecked once these adult children enter the refuge of this community's severely restricted life-style. Communication between parents and son or daughter is never the same afterwards.

No other newspaper in Northamptonshire had attempted to put the Jesus Fellowship under the microscope in such a way, and we were prepared to step on a few toes to reach the truth.

We attempted to fight the cause of parents like 'the complainant' who believes his son is a 'hostage' in the Fellowship and had been brainwashed.

We are sorry if in providing sketchy details about the man's son we identified him to the Fellowship. But a story without facts is worthless and we tried to compromise by carrying enough information to give the story credibility.

At least the man's son had the choice whether or not to enter the commune. What about those children being born inside the Fellowship?. Will they ever have the choice in where they live or know what life on the 'outside' is really like?

The Church seems powerless to act and newspapers face the risk of legal action, but The Post won't be put off in its bud to get the truth or this or any other matter of public concern