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Source : 17/10/1985 Northampton Post

Dear Sir, My daughter and I lived in the Bugbrooke community for two years, but I am now a local preacher in the Methodist Church.

The facts as stated by an ex-member recently are quite true, I gave my 'story' to a national paper some time ago but afterwards was struck with guilt for betraying 'my family.'

The 'brainwashing' is such that one cannot help but say sorry to them for hurting them.

I'm sure that the boy is right to get a far away as possible. I dare not even go anywhere near them such is the draw that they have.

I wrote stupid letters to them after the article was in the paper and felt very ashamed of myself.

I was not just a bystander, I agreed with all they did and helped to convince others. You have to understand we thought we were doing good and perhaps in the beginning we were.

We were taught to expect persecution and do any article in the newspaper to them is fulfilment of the scripture. What we did not realise is that we persecuted each other in the harshness of the teaching.

There is a lot of love there, I still remember it. It isn't until you read the article (sent to me by my stepdaughter) that the old fear is remembered.

I Don't want to relive everything that happened to me, I want to forget and live for a loving understanding Lord, not one who condemns me at every turn.

Nothing has changed in Bugbrooke since I left nine years ago except perhaps that some more people are going to take as long as I have to get over it.

No-one will ever know how it cuts a person in two, one half wanting to please them and the other wanting to run.

I pray for the ones who have lost the will to run