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Source : 08/06/1988 Northampton Post

A man carried out a hate campaign against the controversial Jesus Fellowship religious sect because they didn't celebrate Christmas.

He wounded one of their members and damaged their property over a ten month period.

Northampton Crown Court was told that the man hurled a paint can into the face of a man while daubing graffiti on vehicles belonging to members of the controversial sect.

On another occasion he tried to cause an explosion by letting gas fumes out of an oven and turning on a fire a premises owned by the sect at Bugbrooke.

He also left taps running in an upstairs bathroom, causing water to stream through the ceiling and damaged property inside the building.

The man, 45, a factory worker, of Birmingham, pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding, burglary and damaging property between March and October 1987.

Miss Geraldine Melnick, defending, said the man had since got over his paranoia about the organisation and led a normal life in every other way.

Putting him on probation for two years Judge Francis Allen said he was prepared to do this providing he had psychiatric treatment.