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Coventry Jesus Centre celebrates 5,000 visitors

Website: Coventry Telegraph
Date: 28/06/2010
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A COVENTRY help centre has welcomed its 5,000th new visitor through the door.

The Coventry Jesus Centre, which first opened in 2002, offers support to homeless and disadvantaged people.

Last weekend it reached the milestone of 5,000 people using its services in Lamb Street, Coventry.

The centre provides washing facilities, food and clothing, as well support to find accommodation, employment and help with drug and alcohol problems.

Laurence Cooper, team leader and fundraiser at the centre, said: “This is a significant milestone for us and shows the level of need we have in the city.

"It illustrates how busy the centre is and how there is a need for places like our centre where people can come in and find friendship, help and support or some practical assistance.

“For us, it is the time now to reflect on what we have done in the last eight years. Coventry is not a huge city but there is quite a chunk of the population who have used our services, and I am sure it will be needed by many more.

He added: “The perception in the city always has been that we are a drop-in centre for the homeless, but that is not the case.

"We are a multi- purpose centre where all sorts of people can come in and make use of our wide range of services.”