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Jesus Army founder Noel Stanton preaching about sexual 'sins'

Website: BBC News
Date: 05/08/2020
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Pictures from a BBC documentary show how the deceased founder of a disgraced religious sect preached to followers about sexual "sins".

A 1993 edition of the Midlands Report showed a sermon given by Jesus Army founder Noel Stanton to a crowd, including young children, in which he said: "Surrender the middle part of you, especially the genitals. Give them to Jesus."

A report leaked to the BBC concluded that allegations of abuse of women and children were covered-up by senior members of the now-defunct movement.

The inquiry found that all five surviving leaders had colluded with sexual offenders through their handling of complaints.

The Jesus Fellowship Church Trust (JFCT) declined to comment. Last year it apologised to anyone "who experienced harm in the past" and urged victims to contact police.