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Source : 21/09/1986 Sunday Mirror

Last week, the Sunday Mirror exposed the sinister facts behind the public face of the Jesus Fellowship.

We revealed that five young people connected with former Baptist preacher Noel Stanton's cult - which has 700 members - have died in circumstances which required inquests.

Stanton's preaching methods have been investigated by Dr William Sargant, the world's leading expert in brain-washing.

'These are classic brain-washing techniques' he said. 'Stanton gets these people into such a state they become his slaves.'

MP Michael Morris has praised our inquiry. And he plans to question the Home Secretary about the cult's activities.

'I congratulate the Sunday Mirror for bringing this serious matter to the public's attention,' he said.

When reporter Deborah Sherwood posed as a destitute young woman and turned up at the cult's New Creation Hall, she was welcomed into the community. This is her story from the inside. . .