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Source : 21/09/1986 Sunday Mirror

Noel Stanton refused to speak to the Sunday Mirror when reporters called at his New Creation Farm headquarters at Nether Heyford, Northamptonshire.

But he sent out his secretary Liz Donovan to answer for him.

She told us: 'We are persecuted because we don't follow the norm.'

'We are people prepared to live simply, in holiness and purity together.'

'That doesn't fit in with the greed of our society, the sin that is rampant and the evil of the 'get it and grab it' policy of the world.'

Asked about the fellowship's own major business interests, she said: 'The scriptures say that it is a spiritual principle that you don't become a burden to other people.'

'All the money was spent on helping the growth of the community, and providing homes for the followers.'

'We need a means of support. We have to be able to feed and clothe the members of our community.'

She added that nobody was forced to stay with the community. 'I can walk down that drive and away the same way you will when you are finished speaking to me,' she said.

'Can you see any barbed wire or guards?'