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Recent News and Developments

Since the last update to this site:

The victim compensation scheme has opened (phase 2)

The Jesus Fellowship has sold off many of it's communal households, land and businesses, including New Creation Farm and Cornhill Manor (sales agreed)

House of Goodness Limited, has recently paid dividents to shareholders amounting to £1,750,260.00

The Jesus Army Charitable Trust, has been rebranded to a new name "JCT - Joining Communities Together"

Peter Tobin, a convicted Serial killer who lived within the fellowship for a short whil, has died.

Compensation Scheme Phase 2

In September 2022, the second of the four phase compensation scheme for victims of abuse began, applications for redress, 'face to face apologies', and financial compensation for physical abuse, sexual abuse, and also financial abuse are included within "Phase 2" - applications for compensation are open until december 2023.

13/10/2022 : Growing up with abuse in the Jesus Army: Things happened to my sisters, to my friends

05/10/2022 : Solicitor working with survivors of religious cult in Northampton urges more victims to contact him

13/10/2022 : Another expert lawyer is urging Jesus Army survivors in Northampton to contact her about seeking justice

04/10/2022 : Jesus Army compensation a form of justice, says lawyer

30/09/2022 : Jesus Army compensation scheme launched

28/09/2022 : Jesus Army abuse compensation scheme opens

27/09/2022 : Jesus Army in Northampton: Long-awaited compensation scheme announced for victims of sexual and financial abuse

Peter Tobin Death

Peter Tobin, a convicted serial killer and sexual abuser has died. During 1993 Peter Tobin lived within the Jesus Fellowship household at Kings House, Stockton under the pseudonym Peter Wilson.

During the time he was within the fellowship, he was evading police capture following rape and sexual abuse, which he later imprisoned for.

Police are appealing for further information regarding as yet undiscovered victims of his abuse, and any information to discovering further victims

08/10/2022 : Peter Tobin: Serial killer dies in hospital, aged 76

A leaked Report

In August 2020, the BBC published details relating to a report the BBC says has been leaked. The report was commissioned by the Jesus Fellowship into their own handling of abuse complaints

08/08/2020 : Jesus Army accused of abuse cover-up in leaked report

06/08/2020 : Jesus Army leaders ‘covered up decades of abuse’

06/08/2020 : JESUS ARMY Inside sinister UK church that beat kids with sticks, treated women as ‘servants’ and protected convicted paedos

05/08/2020 : Abuse was 'covered up' by religious cult elders, claims leaked report

05/08/2020 : Jesus Army abuse 'covered-up by church leaders', report claims

05/08/2020 : Jesus Army founder Noel Stanton preaching about sexual 'sins'

Ongoing IICSA Inquiry

In May 2020 The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) began it's "Child protection in religious organisations and settings" Public Hearing : IICSA Inquiry - Child Protection in Religious Organisations and Settings

On Day 8, Tuesday 19 May, the Inquiry heard from the Jesus Fellowship Survivors Association : IICSA Inquiry - Transcript, 19 May 2020, Video IICSA Inquiry - Video, 19 May 2020

The Inquiry also recieved a summary of the recent Operation Lifeboat Police investigation. : IICSA Inquiry - Witness Statement, Alastair White, 05 December 2019

There was also a mention of "Operation Lifeboat 2", as an "ongoing Northamptonshire police investigation concerning individuals within the Jesus Fellowship which is focused on failures to protect vulnerable people under their care and control, including failures to report allegations of abuse."

The Inquiry has now been adjourned, to resume on 10 August 2020.

Jesus Fellowship Community Trust Redress Scheme Launched

In May 2020, the Jesus Fellowship Community Trust opened registration for it's "Redress Scheme", which is said to be intending to "recompense for those who suffered abuse or poor treatment in the past." : Jesus Fellowship Redress Scheme website

Further information regarding the scheme is available within the Jesus Fellowship Survivors site : Jesus Fellowship Survivors - Redress Scheme update

Jesus Fellowship Survivors Association

The Jesus Fellowship Survivors Association, a growing network of ex-members and services, is continuing to support and seek recompense for those affected by abuse during their time within the Fellowhship, further details and recent developments are available within their blog.

The group also maintain a number of facebook pages regarding different aspect of their ongoing work with ex-members.

Jesus Fellowship Survivors Association (website and blog)
Freedom and Truth Facebook Group
SignPost Facebook Group
Open Gates Charity Facebook Page

Clippings Archive Updates

10 Clippings have been added to the archive recently, including details of a recently leaked report, a recent article regarding the closure of communal houses, the rebranding of the Northampton Jesus Centre to "The Old Savoy", and a much older article regarding the fellowship recruitment of sex offenders within prisons.

08/08/2020 : Jesus Army accused of abuse cover-up in leaked report

06/08/2020 : Jesus Army leaders ‘covered up decades of abuse’

06/08/2020 : JESUS ARMY Inside sinister UK church that beat kids with sticks, treated women as ‘servants’ and protected convicted paedos

05/08/2020 : Abuse was 'covered up' by religious cult elders, claims leaked report

05/08/2020 : Jesus Army abuse 'covered-up by church leaders', report claims

08/08/2020 : Jesus Army founder Noel Stanton preaching about sexual 'sins'

11/07/2020 : Jesus Fellowship pledges that Northamptonshire cemetery will be preserved throughout plan to sell off assets

22/12/2019 : Jesus Fellowship says closure of communal buildings 'unavoidable'

01/10/2019 : 'The beginning of a new era': Rebrand for Northampton Jesus Centre with The Deco theatre

01/01/2009 : NAPO News issue 205 : Modern Jesus Army

There are now 423 clippings in the press clipping Archive : Full Press Clippings Archive

Recent Changes within the Jesus Fellowship

In May 2019, the leaders of the Jesus Fellowship Church/Jesus Army voted to revoke it's constitution, and wind up the national Church. This was due to the damage to it's reputation, and dwindling membership numbers, following over 200 accusation of abuse

The group intends to split appart into smaller congregations, groups and independent communes, unaffiliated with the JFC. The Jesus Centres, fellowship owned companies, and various charies will remain mostly unaffected by the winding up of the Church.

The Jesus Fellowship group in Leicester are now calling themselves "Springfield Christian Fellowship"

Northampton Jesus Centre, has been rebranded "The Old Savoy", whilst still being managed by the Jesus Centres Trust Charity.

Birmingham Jesus Centre was asked to leave it's original premisis, and has moved to St Martins Youth and Community Centre.

In a recent change, Companies House shows that "Jesus Fellowship Ltd" (company number 02524324) has changed it's name from to "Residual Assets and purposes (Trustees) Ltd"

Since the Fellowship announced it was intending to close

On the 19th July 2019, The BBC1 lunchtime news, and the BBC2 Victoria Derbyshire programme aired a video report by Jon Ironmonger regarding the survirors of the Jesus Fellowship.
The video report is available to watch on the Jesus Fellowship Survivors Association website : BBC Report on the Jesus Army

09/08/2019 : SPECIAL REPORT: Jesus Army workers facing large pensions gap because church did not pay their National Insurance

01/08/2019 : For Jesus Army, Must the Wages of Abuse Be Death?

20/07/2019 : Hundreds seek damages from the Jesus Army religious sect over claims of historic physical, sexual and emotional abuse

19/07/2019 : Jesus Army The phoney church that preyed on kids, beat them with sticks and sexually abused boys… in Northampton

19/07/2019 : Jesus Army sex scandal: The dark secrets of life in a commune

19/07/2019 : Jesus Army: shocking reports of life inside Christian cult

19/07/2019 : Ex-members of Jesus Army seek damages for alleged abuse

02/06/2019 : Jesus Army must honour compensation scheme says Northamptonshire survivor who was allegedly beaten for missing midnight worship

28/05/2019 : Northampton's Jesus Army votes to disband in wake of historic abuse claims

30/05/2019 : The Jesus Army church may be folding... but its centres, communes and businesses will continue